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Smokus Focus Jar- Middleman

by Smokus Foucs ...more by this maker
(No color variations available)
The Smokus Focus jar is specifically designed for storing and viewing herbs and flowers. This extraordinary jar is equipped with high powered magnifying lenses and bright LED lights making it an exciting and interesting way to store and view contents at home. For gardeners and others within the industry, these are the perfect display tool to showcase and highlight herbs and flower offerings Additional Information Weight 8 oz Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 5 in Color Black, Blue, Green, Red Smokus Focus jars arrive preinstalled with (3) AAA batteries.The Magnification Levels on the Smokus Focus Jar are 4x and 8x. Yes, there is a smell/aroma hole located on the side of the jar and it comes with three additional plug-ins.Yes, the Four Seasons is included with the Middleman and has two main primary functions, 1) it is a divider that you can place inside the jar to separate up to four types of flower, and 2) you can take it out of the jar and use the Four Seasons as a tobacco rolling station.There is a new cleaning cloth included with each Middleman jar, in addition to the Four Seasons. .