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BudderBlocks™ XL Pack - Blue/White and Green/White Scheme

by ErrlyBird ...more by this maker
(No color variations available)
ErrlyBird™ is proud to release its revolutionary non-stick container, the BudderBlocks™. BudderBlocks™ are an innovative storage container for all of your sticky products! BudderBlocks™ are airtight and odor proof! BudderBlocks™ also feature a unique stacking mechanism that will allow you to build awesome structures! BudderBlocks™ are made with FDA-approved food-grade silicone. Inside the basin, you'll find a corner-less gravity bowl design that ensures you never lose any of your product ever again! BudderBlocks™ XL are 6cm x 6cm x 6cm. BudderBlocks™ come in a wide variety of color schemes. In this package you'll find 2 BudderBlocks™ XL in the colors: Blue/White and Green/White. You'll also get 1 FREE BudderBlocks™ Small in a random color.