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Will we be buying our weed at Walgreens?

Will we be buying our weed at Walgreens? “Walgreens acknowledges and answers questions for patients asking about the Green at Walgreens?” What does this mean for the medical and recreational industries!? This seems to be a hot topic among the 65 and over Baby Boomer generation and with over 26 states having medical or recreational laws and the elections also coming up, patients are looking for answers “Where can I get my Medical Marijuana” Can I buy weed at Walgreens? This weekend Walgreens answered some questions on Tumblr and acknowledged and answered questions for patients asking about the Green at Walgreens? The post at the company’s StayWell tumblr is in the form of an FAQ that begins with a definition of medical marijuana and ends with where a consumer can buy it. The answer to that last question is interesting: Medical marijuana can’t be purchased from a pharmacy like traditional prescriptions. It must be sold through a licensed dispensary in an approved state. Patients must be seen and evaluated by a licensed health care provider. Walgreens told MarketWatch that the post was written in response to customer questions. If consumers are asking about medical marijuana at Walgreens they’re also asking about it at CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and other large, well-known retailers. This may or may not be a big deal, but here is what I am thinking from a retail point of view. They have prime locations, they are a trust worthy company to many consumers and patients, pharmacies may be the best place for dispensing medicine and they may b able to sell recreationally. Good or Bad for Mom and Pop shop? This depends on the federal regulation and how quickly changes can be made. The investment community understands how lucrative the industry may be, but it is still too risky without banking and financial services available to most of the industry. According to CBS news this Morning there are millions of 65 and over Baby Boomers looking for answers and interested or already using medical marijuana. SO will Walgreens step in and become the nation’s largest dispensary chain? Probably, but not tomorrow. Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain By Walgreens standards the U.S. medical marijuana market is pretty small at around $4 billion in 2015. But if marijuana were legalized for recreational use as well, the market size could easily reach 10 times that amount. Walgreens total revenues in 2015 amounted to more than $103 billion, and adding a few billion from legal marijuana sales could be a solid revenue driver. Walgreens might as well put its stake in the ground now, setting itself up as a source of dispassionate information on medical marijuana. There’s something to gain and nothing to lose. Sourced from a Yahoo Article