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It’s April and you know what that means. Lazy Daze will be presenting it’s annual “BIG TEXAS 420 GIVE-AWAY” and trust me when I say it’s going to be something extraordinary. 420 is that special time of the year when people all over the world get together and light one up. It’s the “Super Bowl” for stoners.

What is 420 really about?

The legend of 420 started back in the day where a bunch of high-schoolers would get together at 4:20 to smoke up at a statue of Louis Pasteur. The term wasn’t entirely related to time either. It was a code that would mean many things, like “Am I high” or “Are you holding?” The term spread like wildfire due to the raging success of the Grateful Dead.

The term eventually leaked into their concerts and from there it sprouted to become the global event we know today. I’m sure as 420 continues to grow and as we inch closer to legalization, April 20th will only grow in size and importance. In fact, some people have even suggested that the day becomes a national holiday post-prohibition. I doubt any stoner would oppose to that.

Nonetheless, 420 nowadays is more than just smoking weed. Sure, it’s about smoking weed but it is also about something more. After decades of negative propaganda towards stoners, 420 is a day where we all join forces…smoke publicly, listen to good music and in unison defy these atrocious laws that make about as much sense as three-eyes llama with a learning disability. Dispensaries give discounts, head shops give away bongs and other paraphernalia and stoners gather to get higher than Christ on Chronic.

What does Lazy Daze have in Store for 420?

Right off the bat we’re giving away one of our “Dazed and Diffused” bongs to one lucky stoner on 4/20 at 4:20 PM EST. You’ll have to sign up to our newsletter as we’ll be drawing the pool from there and we’ll be sending out notifications about events, discounts on special items and much more. But that’s not all. We’ve been baking up some fresh new ideas here at Lazy Daze, and while I’m not going to get into too much detail about what is to come…I’m sure that you’ll appreciate all our hard work. The New Lazy Daze We’ve asked ourselves a serious question at the beginning of the year. “How can we become the best head shop to stoners everywhere?”.

We noticed that many headshops only pushed their products, and sure…who doesn’t love a good bong, but we decided that we want to go that extra mile. We’re currently working on a gigantic resource center for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere and will be giving away tips on cleaning bongs, solid reviews on all our products and unboxing of some amazing stuff. The idea is to be the last head shop you’ll ever need. Anyhow, keep an eye out and sign up to our newsletter to be entered into the “Big Texas Lazy Daze 420 Give Away”

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