Headshop FAQ - What is a Diffuser?

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Headshop FAQ - What is a Diffuser?

Everything you need to know about the Diffuser!

We get this question all the time when people walk the doors of our head shop. In order to help our customers with their purchases and aligning their needs with their budget we have started this Head Shop FAQ section to help them out.

What is Diffusion?

A device (that has slits at different angles) for deflecting air from an outlet in various directions. So what the hell does that mean? For the purposes of this article, it basically means the bubbles disperse into smaller bubbles creating additional filtration

The reason diffusion is good when smoking, is because the bubbles and smoke seem to get more surface area which in turn filters the smoke better. This may get technical, so slow down if you can’t keep up.  A diffuser can be in many styles, such as a downstem, shower head downstem, waffle perc, turbine perc, recycler, and many more. We could go back and forth of actually constitutes the difference between a perc and a diffuser, but in the words of Half Baked… JUST SMOKE IT YO!!

Head Shop Hacks – Picking the best Diffuser for your budget

Some tips to pick the best one diffuser.  Make sure it fits your piece. The downstems come is few different sizes. So make sure it the right one, some shops won’t let you return anything (all sales final) But if you clean your piece and bring it. Hey…. That always helps

If you are allowed to test it and fill up a pipe with water, ask the sales person to let you test it out. Make sure it bubbles properly, doesn’t have too much drag. Sometimes if the downstem is just to tapered for the piece it will feel like it it is hard to clear all the smoke between rips.

Bottom Line

A diffusor is meant to give a smoother more filter hit from your waterpipe. Keep it clean, use some glass cleaner or alcohol and salt. If it gets gunked up…... and it will …...it makes your piece hard to hit. And then it smells gross too. 

We know that buying your gear can be an expensive endeavor, however buying the right gear will not only provide you with a more enjoyable smoking experience, it will also save you money in the long run. Your Diffusor will definitely become a staple smoking piece in your stoner arsenal.

If you like to experience premium-smoking, head out to our online head shop and browse through our products.    Get your Dazed and Diffused Piece here http://lazydazeco.com/brand/dazed-and-diffused today!  

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