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Everything you need to know about Bubblers!

We get this question all the time when people walk the doors of our head shop. In order to help our customers with their purchases and aligning their needs with their budget we have started this Head Shop FAQ section to help them out.  

What is a Bubbler?

Essentially a bubbler is a hand pipe that you can add water and create filtration.  These types of pipes come in a variety of shapes, style, and designs.  One of the main distinctions between a bong and a bubbler is usually the size of the pipe.

This may get technical, so slow down if you can’t keep up. A water pipe is any pipe you can add water too, a bubbler is a usually a smaller hand pipe you can add water, a water bong is a usually a larger size water pipe for big ol’ rips. We could go back and forth of actually constitutes the difference between a bong and a bubbler, but in the words of Half Baked… JUST SMOKE IT YO!!

Head Shop Hacks – Picking the best Bubbler for your budget

Some tips to pick the best bubbler for you. Please take into consideration if you are left or right handed. The hole or“carb” on the side of the pipe,  allows you to clear the pipe of smoke and can be on either side depending on how you prefer to hold your pipe and what hand you use to light the bowl. I never really noticed or cared before, but left handed people seem to notice immediately. If you are ambidextrous, this does not apply to you. You BIG showoff!! 

Also, check the bowl and the hole into the downstem, make sure it’s not too big or not too small, most pipes are one of a kind and all have slight variations. The worst thing that could happen is that every time you try and light a bowl, all your greens get sucked down into the water or every time you smoke the stupid thing get clogged.  Shop around a little bit and find yourself the perfect size bowl, some people like big fatties and some like personal snapper bowls. This usually is a personal preference.

Couple of other tips to keep in mind, politely ask the store associate to fill the bubbler and give it a test run (without anything it) just to make sure it bubbles smooth and does not flow upward into your mouth. No one wants to have dirty bubbler water in their mouth.

Last but not least, set it down on the counter and make sure it is nice and flat and does not fall over and spill easily.   Follow these simple guidelines and you should be on your way to purchasing a highly functional bubbler you will be happy to share with friends…..or not.

Bottom Line


A Bubbler is a perfect personal smoking piece. Not quite a water bong, but definitely something that will do the trick every single time. Most of our customers are madly in love with their Bubbler Pipe and swear by it. Here at Lazy Daze we aim to provide our customers with everything they need to know to make an informed decision when it comes to buying their smoking pieces.

We know that buying your gear can be an expensive endeavor, however buying the right gear will not only provide you with a more enjoyable smoking experience, it will also save you money in the long run. Your bubbler pipe will definitely become a staple smoking piece in your stoner arsenal.

If you like to experience premium-smoking, head out to our online head shop and browse through our products. Get your bubbler pipe today! 

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