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Break and Repair Policy

Lazydaze Counterculture takes pride in providing the best quality products available. To ensure that we carry nothing but top quality products, all merchandise goes through rigorous testing. As we know all glass items are breakable, we test and help develop designs that are unique and still functional. Therefore, our customers and sales team can have confidence knowing that we do not sell any inferior products.

To enhance that confidence, we have a very flexible return policy for non-glass items and have included a breakage and repair policy as well. If any glass item purchased from Lazydaze Counterculture breaks for any reason within 30 days of the original purchase, customers can receive a 15% discount on any glass items to replace the previous purchase. To be eligible, the customer has to provide a picture of item(s) with the original receipt.

What’s more, we also offer repairs for glass items, whether purchased from Lazydaze Counterculture or not, to get that glass item functional again. The starting pricing for glass item repairs is $100.00. Most repairs come out clean and stronger than before, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee that every piece will survive the repair process.
Repairs are outsourced to Flameworks and are assigned in the order in which they are received. Repairs can take between 3-4 weeks. Lazydaze Counterculture will be in contact with the customer about the status of their repair.

Please take the following points into consideration: Not all breaks are the same, not all glass techniques are the same, not all glass is quality, and no repair is easy. It takes skill, time, precision, and patience to fix a broken piece. We love fixing your beloved pieces. However, we do suggest to take into account the sentimental value versus the cost of the repair versus the cost of a shiny new piece when considering a repair.

Have an amazing day!